2008 Africa Reading Challenge

Dave at siphoning off a few thoughts has posted an Africa Reading Challenge for 2008. The basics:
Participants commit to read - in the course of 2008 - six books that either were written by African writers, take place in Africa, or deal significantly with Africans and African issues.

This coincides so nicely with Chris Blattman's Africa reading list that I'm jumping in.

Here's my list:

1. Ryszard Kapuściński's The Emperor: Downfall of an Autocrat

2. Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion

3. Jeremy Weinstein's Inside Rebellion

4. Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible

5. Michaela Wrong's I Didn't Do It for You

6. Something (I haven't decided yet) by Naguib Mahfouz

Reviews to come....

Found via Bazungu Bucks.

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