o happy day

One: people are using The Kampalan to announce actual events! Vision realized.

Two: the actual event announced happens to be this month's Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour, which 27th Comrade has taken upon his shoulders. Details:
What you are reading is my first post to The Kampalan. It is the first of a number. I am the acting organiser for the Uganda Bloggers' Happy Hour. And because I am letting my own blog hibernate (on top of it not being the best venue for what I'll be doing here), I am going to be putting any/all communiqu├ęs concerning the UBHH over here.
So ... dress up for the 27th of September, 2007, for on that fateful day, yet another Happy Hour shall touch the ground at Mateo's Bar. The usual time (starting 6:30pm, to when the last blogger leaves).

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