june UBHH: fighting with the communist, breakdancing with the blogren

Last week's UBHH was smaller than usual — we were missing several of the usual suspects (Dennis, Kelly and Glenna) — but we had some new faces and a handful of intense conversations.

Revence and I got into another fight, this time about whether Uganda is more democratic than the United States. There are so many problems inherent with such a simplistic question: what is democracy? How do you define democratic? How do you rate the various aspects of democracy, and which ones weigh more than others? Are we talking about the current administrations, or each country's history as a whole? Can you even count Uganda's history as a coherent whole, politically speaking?

I'm not going to rehash our conversation, aside from pointing out that after declaring that he "hated all Americans," Revence promptly granted all Americans present at UBHH honorary Ugandan citizenship to avoid the sticky question of whether or not we could still be friends. I'd just like to direct your attention to this article, which details the recent decision of the High Court in the UK to fine Museveni 60 billion shillings for illegally shutting down a Ugandan newspaper in 1986. It isn't directly related to our discussion about democracy, but I think it's funny.

Petty disagreements aside, I had a great time — so good, in fact, that Dee, Carlo and I decided we couldn't wait until next month to see each other. We're going breakdancing with Breakdance Project Uganda tomorrow afternoon at the Sharing Youth Center in Nsambya. Join us some time after 4:30 and before 8:00 to have my friend Abramz and his fellow breakdance geniuses teach you how to do this:

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